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Mission: The mission of the Department of Curriculum and Staff Development is to provide quality leadership, service, and support to individual teachers, schools, and the system as a means of increasing capacity to deliver appropriate instruction to all students.

Balance - Whole Child Learning - Success for All: System and curricular decisions need to be made on the basis of what will meet the needs of the whole child. Furthermore, instructional decisions must support success for every child.

Quality and Excellence: We have a responsibility to quality and excellence across the system in curriculum and staff development as a means to affect quality and excellence in instruction and learning.

Collaboration: Collaboration among central office personnel, school-based administrators, teachers, and community members is essential in building consensus and supporting quality curricular programs.

Expertise:   We have a responsibility to maintain a high level of professional expertise in our curricular programs and in instructional methodologies, strategies, and pedagogy.

Equity: Equity among K-12 curricular programs is essential in the areas of staffing, technology, fiscal resources, textbooks, materials of instruction, and media resources, in order to support quality curriculum, instruction, and assessment to meet the needs of all students. Equity means addressing articulated needs in a fair and open manner.

Trust: Fostering trusting relationships will facilitate collaboration and lead to increased capacity, energy, creativity, risk-taking, and commitment.


 For Additional Information, contact
Margaret E. Pfaff, Ed.D.
Director of Curriculum and Instructional Resources