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Report Absence

Information and Procedures

Chose one of the following methods:

  •  Send an Email to
  •  Send a Fax to (410)751-3667
  •  Call the school at (410)751-3661 between 8:00 am. - 4:00 pm
  •  Send a signed note with your student upon their return to school

Absences not verified by a parent/guardian within 5 days of the student’s return to school will be coded as "unlawful".


The parent/guardian shall provide verification by one of the following three ways:

  •  A signed note from a parent/guardian with reason
  •  A doctor’s note
  •  The parent/guardian may sign their student in/out.

Reminder: In the event that a student must leave during the school day, a signed note from the parent/guardian is required. Students will get a pass from the early-dismissal table in the early morning. This will help to alleviate classroom disruptions during the school day.


Extended Absence Work Request

After a student has missed 3 school days, the parent/guardian may call the counseling office at 410-751-3662 to request work.   Teachers have twenty four hours to gather work and it's the parent/guardians responsibly to verify that work has been gathered and is ready for pickup in our main office.   Please keep in mind that teachers can only gather work during their planning times so please place your call accordingly.  

Field Trip Make-up Work

Teams and grade levels may plan field trips throughout the school year. These trips should be curricular-based and used as a means to enhance student learning.

At times, a student will attend a trip that is outside of his/her academic team. Such an occasion may be for a county-wide band assessment or chorus program. In these situations, students are expected to communicate their absence with their classroom teachers, request any missed work, and have the work completed by the next class period.

Absence Definitions and Timelines 

  • Present Full Day: In attendance for 4 hours or more of the school day.
  • Absent Half Day: In attendance for at least 2 hours of the school day, but less than 4 hours
  • Tardy in the morning: Arrives between 8:35am and 11:10am
  • Absent half-day morning: Arrives after 11:10am
  • Absent for full day: Leaves before 10:35am or Arrives after 1:10pm
  • Absent Half Day afternoon: Leaves before 12:35pm
  • Early Dismissal: Leaves after 12:35pm