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Volunteer Information

The Carroll County Public School System encourages and welcomes volunteers. Volunteers strengthen ties with families, community members, and business partners. Volunteers are those who offer their time, effort and/or talents without receipt of monetary compensation or service learning hours to benefit students in the school system.  The invaluable contributions of volunteers are recognized and appreciated by the staff and students of the Carroll County Public School System.


Carroll County Public Schools Volunteer Training is provided online.
There will not be any in-person training sessions.

Volunteers will need to create an account using a personal email address so that CCPS can notify you of your volunteer status.  This will need to be the same email address that you provide on the Volunteer Information Form at the completion of training.

The information from your Volunteer Information Form will be screened and entered into the Volunteer Database at the school(s) selected.  Once this process is complete, you will receive an email notification at the email address provided on the Volunteer Information Form.

Volunteer Handbook

For questions regarding the Volunteer Program at Carroll County Public Schools, please contact the Human Resources Department at 410-751-3070

or visit CCPS Human Resources


Thank you in advance for your volunteer service!